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Preserving Natural Lands


Ridge and Valley Conservancy (RVC) is a private, non-profit local land trust, founded in 1992, that preserves natural areas within the Appalachian Valley and Ridge Region of northwestern New Jersey for the benefit of people and wildlife. We protect forests, meadows, farmland  and watercourses, and practice sound ecological management of the land we've protected. Many of our preserves are open to the public, so that people may commune with nature. RVC acquires both land and conservation easements. We also assist in the stewardship of  public land and advise landowners as to their conservation options. RVC is accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.


RiDge and valley conservancy: 

  • Has protected over 3500 acres of ecologically important open space and local farmland.

  • Works with other land trusts to preserve open space and farmland.

  • Assists communities, counties, and the state carry out their open space and farmland preservation programs.

  • Works with emerging farmers to gain access to farmland.

  • Helps landowners find ways to preserve their land.

  • Manages public open space for the State and Warren County, including White Lake in Hardwick Township.

  • Is accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission as an organization that exhibits the highest level of professional standards, monitors and defends it properties and maintains exemplary records.

  • Offers nature education and other events on its preserves, to help people understand the value of protecting open space.

  • Works with local schools to provide experiential learning about conservation.

  • Works with other non-profit groups to build a healthy community.


Blair Creek, which flows through protected Lightning Bug Hollow, tells the story of our preservation efforts better than we can!

“The Earth, like the Sun, like the Air - belongs to everyone - and to no one.”
— Edward Abbey