Lightning Bug Hollow, Hardwick - 142 acres



The Lightning Bug Hollow Preserve is privately owned and covered entirely by a conservation easement that precludes future development.  There is no public hiking on the preserve, but a trail is provided on the Birch Ridge Ravine, which was purchased from the landowners - Chris Hepburn and Ken Martin - at the same time.  Lightning Bug Hollow provides a forested buffer to Blair Creek, know locally as Slabtown Creek.  The property has dramatic, moss-covered sandstone outcrops and provides habitat for woodland songbirds, large mammals, raptors, woodpeckers and other deep woods species.  Lightning Bug Hollow is part of a large greenway that includes RVC's Sunset Ridge Preserve to the south and Camp Mason to the west. 


The conservation easement on the Lightning Bug Hollow Preserve was purchased in partnership with Hardwick Township.  The township co-holds the easement with RVC, to provided greater assurance of long-term protection.  The landowners sold the easement at a considerable bargain sale and provided a donation to help steward the property in the future.