Bobcat Ridge Preserve, Hardwick - 84 Acres

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Currently there is no formal trail access but a trail is planned along with forest restoration activities.

Preserve trail map


Unique features

The property lies within the heart of RVC’s Bobcat Corridor and TNC’s similar Bobcat Alley project areas.  These projects are intended to set aside upland forests near Kittatinny Mountain that provide foraging areas for Bobcat.  Bobcat are known to den in the rockfalls at the base of the mountain, and range up to 20 miles in search of food and mates. 

The Bobcat Ridge property is the highest topographic point east of Kittatinny Mountain in Hardwick Township, offering views of the mountain to the west.  Rock walls are testimony to its past farming history. 


The property was purchased in 2018 from Maureen Raisch, who was motivated to protect the land based on the vision and wishes of her late husband Clifford Raisch. The project was funded by the New Jersey Green Acres Program, private donations to The Nature Conservancy, a grant from Victoria Foundation and a grant from the Warren County Board of Freeholders.  The Nature Conservancy led the negotiations with Mrs. Raisch and provided a generous stewardship donation for the long-term care of the property.  RVC owns and manages the property.