Birch Ridge Ravine, Hardwick NJ - 34 Acres

hiking at Birch Ridge Ravine

Public access is provided via a hiking trail, accessible on Birch Ridge Road. This trail is part of the Ridge and Valley trail system, which connects the Paulinskill Valley Trail to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. 


Preserve trail map coming soon


Birch Ridge Ravine is a deep secretive valley that flanks a branch of Blair Creek in Hardwick Township. Bold, moss-covered shale, sandstone rock outcrops, majestic oak, hickory and tulip trees, and evergreen Eastern Hemlocks shading a deep-sided ravine epitomize the natural features that seeks to protect under its Kittatinny Ridge Project.


The landowners of the adjoining Lightning Bug Hollow sold these 34 acres bordering the hemlock-lined ravine to RVC and Hardwick Township in 2015.