Birch Ridge Ravine, Hardwick NJ - 34 Acres

hiking at Birch Ridge Ravine

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Public access is provided via a hiking trail, accessible from Birch Ridge Road. At its southernmost end, this trail connects to RVC’s Sunset Ridge Preserve trail corridor, which continues southward, ending at Butler Road. Hikers can park at either preserve’s trailhead for a longer excursion. (See RVC’s trail map for Sunset Ridge Preserve for more information.)

download and Print: Preserve trail map


Birch Ridge Ravine is a scenic, deep-sided ravine through which feeder tributaries to Blair Creek tumble dramatically. Bold, mossy rock outcrops of shale and sandstone, a mature forest of hardwoods mixed with hemlocks and white pines, and numerous stream crossings treat hikers of this preserve to a very special experience.


The landowners of the adjoining Lightning Bug Hollow sold these 34 acres bordering the hemlock-lined ravine to RVC and Hardwick Township in 2015.