Ridge and Valley Conservancy Celebrates 25 Years

and pledges to give the bobcat a safe home

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Ridge and Valley Conservancy, a land trust that has focused on the protection of over 3,200 acres of natural areas. Determined to build on this accomplishment, RVC and like-minded partners are continuing to expand and connect green spaces that protect your air and water, provide places to be with nature, and protect habitat in its natural state.  As part of its vision for the next 25 years, RVC is committed to protecting habitat for the North American bobcat,  as a symbol of how nature benefits from land protection.  The Bobcat is on the list of state-endangered species, primarily because of historic changes in its habitat.  This wild cat is important to its ecosystem and public health. Nocturnal and effective hunters, they control small animals that carry Lyme and tick-born diseases, helping to keep nature in balance.  Given sufficient hunting and breeding territory, they will thrive and be a symbol of how people can act to protect native species.  During this anniversary year, RVC has adopted the bobcat as a symbol of the positive impact its land preservation efforts can have.  

To raise awareness and to support these efforts, RVC will offer a number of fundraising events during the year. All proceeds will benefit RVC’s efforts. Get your tickets or mark your calendars for any/all of these upcoming happenings:

Saturday, March 18, 8:00PM – A Night of Comedy will feature 2 celebrated local comics at Blair Academy’s Armstrong Hipkins Center for the Arts.  A 7:00 PM wine and cheese reception will feature local student photography, as well as work from Paulinskill River Photography. For Tickets:
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Check Payments call (908) 362 7989 or send us an e-mail

Sunday, June 4,  - “Horizons in Nature: An Art & Poetry Exhibit will focus on “Visions of Nature’s Future”. It will take place at the Voss House Barn at White Lake Preserve and present local art and poetry talent.

Sunday, October 8, Oktoberfest will feature local German Craft beers, food and music amid a colorful fall setting at the Limestone Ridge Preserve.