Greendell Ridge Preserve, Frelinghuysen NJ - 32 Acres

Hiking at Greendell Ridge

Public access is provided via a short hiking trail on the preserve, accessible on South Street.

Download and Print: Preserve Trail Map

unique features

The preserve is a large, unbroken forest complex, providing excellent habitat for interior forest species. It is underlain by limestone that provides a high recharge rate to the acquifer and to a large sinkhole pond on an adjoining property that supports amphibians and reptiles. Limestone outcrops and the forest floor host many types of ferns and other native plant species.


Greendell Ridge Preserve was originally acquired by purchase in 2000, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC). In 2010, RVC acquired full ownership through transfer from TNC.  A grant from the Garden State Preservation Trust was used for the project.