Mountainwood Spring Preserve, Hardwick NJ - 70 Acres

Hiking at Mountainwood spring Preserve

Mountainwood Spring is privately owned by the Mountainwood Spring Water Company. Public access is provided via a hiking trail that can be accessed from Mallard Pond Road, but visitors must be sure to stay on the trail to avoid trespassing on private property.

The trail is temporarily closed for refurbishment and is due to reopen in the fall

preserve Trail map coming soon

unique features

The preserve is in the core of Ridge and Valley Conservancy’s Limestone Forest Project.  It is a pristine woodland that has escaped logging for over a half century, and hosts a variety of rare plants associated with the limestone forest.  It is a prime example of an intact mesic calcareous forest.  The property is the direct recharge area for Mountainwood Spring, the second most prolific spring in the Ridge and Valley region. Mountainwood Spring flows at an average of about 5 million gallons per day directly from the limestone. It supplies the Paulinskill with high quality groundwater that sustains the river’s quality.  The preserve is adjacent to RVC’s 396-acre Limestone Forest Preserve, as well as to the White Lake Wildlife Management area, forming a greenway of nearly 2,000 acres in this sensitive limestone forest terrain.


The conservation easement on Mountainwood Spring was acquired by purchase in 2007, using grants from the Garden State Preservation Trust, the Warren County Open Space Trust Fund, Hardwick Township, New Jersey Conservation Foundation, Beneficia Foundation, and Conservation Resources, Inc.